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The Law Office of John G. Reckenbeil, LLC is a boutique employment law firm that has provided legal services to residents throughout South Carolina for over 16 years. Our firm is large enough to handle complex issues within a sizeable corporation but small enough to continue consulting with all our clients on a personal level. Since our inception in 2006, we have successfully represented both employees and employers in all aspects of the employment arena. This representation has provided us a 360 degree understanding of employment relationships. Itís this understanding and experience that gives us the advantage over our competitors. We are staffed with eager professionals waiting on your call so we can assist you with your issues.

Notable Litigation:

  • Terry Gosnell vs. Echostar
    1. Verdict in favor of Mr. Gosnell
    2. Ruled his former employer did not provide him a reasonable accommodation due to his disability and terminated his employment improperly

  • Haley Manley vs. Laurens County Sheriff Office
    1. Obtained favorable settlement in which Ms. Manley alleged to be forced to resign her employment because she would not have an abortion.

  • Jesse Harris vs. Hartness International
    1. Judgment in favor of Mr. Harris where his employer terminated his employment in violation of Mr. Harrisís religious beliefs.

  • April Watt vs. Racetrack Petroleum
    1. Judgment in favor of Ms. Watt, where her employer terminated her because she was pregnant, in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act.

  • State of South Carolina vs. Fred Dawkins Burgess
    1. Not guilty verdict, whereby Mr. Reckenbeil represented Mr. Burgessís standing trial accused of murder.

  • State of South Carolina vs. Andres Tores
    1. Mr. Reckenbeil was 2nd chair in Death Penalty case for the Defense.

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